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Her breasts swung, and swayed with her movements, making me grab the squeegee and give the glass a streak free finish. She had her legs spread wide, and her right hand was busy between them.

Shall I meet you in the bedroom, or do we just get it on right here? I soaked the sponge again, and scrubbed the window quickly, watching Vonnie the whole time. I knew she was still in the room, because I could see the door, but the angle of view was blocked in the direction she went. Still, I successfully shifted the ladder to the new position without incident. As I thought, the pink item that flew by was indeed her bra, and while I was busy with the ladder, she had also dropped her shorts. I made quick work of the window, not wanting to miss the show, which was in full swing.

That was me, only it was Christmas, my birthday, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. Sleep or no sleep, I was cocked, locked, and ready to rock. There was one more window, around the corner, and from there I'm sure I'd see the whole package. She wasn't moving it in and out much, but I thought I knew why.

You were wired, so excited about your presents you couldn't scrape yourself off the ceiling and sleep? I wiped my ear print off the freshly cleaned glass, and headed for the ground again. From the previous window, I couldn't quite see that far between her legs, but from here I could clearly see the purple device.

You're pretty good, for a rookie." She stood, looking down at me past her big breasts. Mom was starting to shuttle the menu items to the table, so Siobhan and I each grabbed a bowl or platter and gave her a hand. "I'll get her." She bounded out of the room, and up the stairs. had any idea that we were anything more than merely close, but a little misdirection couldn't hurt. Taylor won," Vonnie smiled, and we all took a seat. "I'd never do anything to put my favourite nephew in danger. I get to see her naked, and probably feel her lips on my cock, and... "We'll take it slow, Danny," Vonnie said, apparently reading my mind. Unlike the moans I heard before by pressing my ear to the window, when Siobhan came seconds later, the screams were clearly audible. She dipped her fingers again, and smudged the inside of the window further. "Yes, very promising indeed." Her hand snaked out to caress the bulge in my shorts, then tugged at the zipper. I felt her tongue make contact, and she moaned softly. Excess saliva began to drip down her chin, but truthfully, I couldn't really see much.

"She's probably listening to music with her headphones on," Vonnie giggled. I think it might take me weeks to clean all those windows. As I rounded the corner into the backyard, I saw the ladder leaning against the wall of the house. Her nipples were standing tall, and since I had done such a fabulous job on the window, I could see the flush building on her neck and chest. "Mmmmm, this looks promising," she smiled, dropping to her knees, and resting her chin on the sill. "Mmmmm hmmm," she moaned, pulling my cock out of her mouth. I suggest you not yell when you cum, and attract attention." With that, she went back to work, sucking furiously.

Only two blocks, but I had to restrain myself from skipping like a little girl.

A few hours ago, going the other direction, I had been a horny, reluctantly untarnished virgin. I'm by no means an expert, but it seems to me that most guys might go years before a woman offers them her ass.

After breakfast, I dutifully headed for Grandma's house, to clean those windows. I made it out of sight of my house before I broke into a full run. Wrestling the ladder around to the other window wasn't easy, but I wasn't going to be denied. While not an expert on vibrators by any means, I had heard of the 'rabbit', and knew one when I saw it. Being my grandparent's house, the windows were double-hung sashes of an older style.First, let me handle some old business, from the first chapter... Well, the soap was readily available, so I took care of it, while savouring the days activities once more. I wondered what she would come up with for me then, but that was the future. I had a feeling the entire house would be spotless by the time Grandma and Grandpa returned, but I was willing to provide my muscle to assist her... A reader had a correction regarding the pronunciation of the sexy aunt, Siobhan's name. As I walked in the door, I came face to face with my sister Shelagh, who was looking at me strangely. Soon, my fourth load of the day was swirling down the drain, and my legs were wobbly. I just walk in the door, and my sister notices the change instantly? This was a very dangerous situation, but it was a danger I hoped would become commonplace. There wasn't enough soap in the world to wash that out of my memory. I stood under the spray of warm water, lost in thought. Still completely nude, she sauntered over and stopped in front of me, hands on hips, a grin on her pretty face. "Vonnie, you are wicked." She sucked the last few drops out of me, then tapped the head of my dick on her tongue. I'll be waiting in the kitchen with lunch." She closed the window, leaving me to tuck myself in and catch my breath. I went upstairs to my room, stripped off my sweaty clothes, and donned my robe, heading into the bathroom for a shower. I needed to wash Vonnie's scent off, too, lest my mother smell pussy on me. She held up a finger, telling me to wait, and rolled out of bed. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." I whispered, resting my head on the next rung of the ladder.

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