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It was the pressure, probably, and the worst part of it is that the pressure follows them around, in the form of questions in interviews and suggestions from fans, and there are really only so many times one can say 'we're like brother and sister'.

It's okay, of course, because they still love each other and she's still one of his best friends, but that kiss -- that kiss fractured something.

She sort of sighs and presses against him, and that's when her Mum walks in. But when all the promotion for the movie starts up, things get better.

After what feels like about an hour of discussion with Anna's overjoyed parents about 'where this relationship is going' and 'what they should tell the press', Will decides this is really not going to be all right after all."I'm sorry," he says, standing on her doorstep later. They're sort of forced to spend time together, after all, and after a while the awkwardness subsides and they manage to get over it, acting like nothing ever happened. He knows, now, that he never liked her in that way, and he's quite sure she would agree.

She played the role of Marina in a movie called Me Without You in the year 2001.

She played the role of Denise Smash in a movie called Thunderpants in the year 2002.

She was born in a place called London which lies in the United Kingdom.

She has 15.2 thousand followers on Twitter, and this shows her stardom on the site.

He just wishes they could have realised that they weren't meant to be a couple without having to 'try it and see', even if it did only last an evening.

That one evening really wasn't worth losing her for two whole months. Tilda He's never really quite worked out how he feels about Tilda.

She was born in the year 1988 on 16th of December which makes her 28 years old right now.

At this early age, she has already been very successful and has earned all the respect.

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