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At the age of 12 he entered an under-17s tennis tournament, and lost to a 16-year-old in the final.

Rather than congratulate himself, he instead cried for hours.

After retiring from motor racing, he established a career commenting on Grands Prix for the BBC.

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Hunt later brought the necessary funding from working as a trainee manager of a telephone company to enter three events, It was at this point that Fry took the decision to part company with the team due to the irregularities and modifications that were happening to the cars they were using. He drove a Russell-Alexis Mk 14 car which was bought through a hire purchase scheme.

Beginning his racing career in touring car racing, Hunt progressed into Formula Three, where he attracted the attention of the Hesketh Racing team and soon came under their wing.

Hunt's often reckless and action-packed exploits on track earned him the nickname "Hunt the Shunt" (shunt as a British racing term means "crash").

However, he had a persistently rebellious personality; for example, his parents believed that he had started smoking from the age of 10, a habit he continued into adulthood, despite their attempts to persuade him to stop.

He was prone to violent tantrums; as an adult, he acknowledged that he was quick tempered.

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