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"We found that children could remain anonymous much easier" on the site than on Facebook, she told Fox "They would post questions and send them to others -- and the only purpose of the questions seemed to be to hurt other's feelings. In theory, Chatroulette is the Internet in its purest, most idealistic form: The site connects random strangers around the world for video chats, shortening the distance between, say, Tokyo and Topeka, to the click of a button. With more than half a billion users, it's the world's most popular social-networking site. "I’m leery of kids under 13 going on," warned O'Keefe.The description of Txt Spoof on one technology-enthusiast geared website says it all: "I tried it and it's pretty sick (in an awesome way and in a way that can ruin lives)." Jeremy A.Kaplan is Science and Technology editor at Fox, where he heads up coverage of gadgets, the online world, space travel, nature, the environment, and more.The teen creator of Chatroulette, a video chat site that recently has taken the Internet by storm, has implemented a new safety feature designed to shield youngsters from other users' inappropriate behaviors. Chatroulette users can now click on a "Report inappropriate video" link to notify the site's creator, 17-year old Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow, Russia, of objectionable content.An update posted on the site on Monday reads: "I have also been experimenting with new report system.But even a glimpse may be overwhelming for some users.

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Users may click "Next" at any time to exit the session and proceed to the next pairing. Teeming with viruses, Trojan horses and cyberworms, the Internet can be a dangerous place -- and that's just for adults.Here are the bottom five sites experts say are the "dark alleys" of the Internet: 1. Intended as a question and answer website with deep ties to such social networks as Facebook, Twitter and Google's Blogger, is anything but innocent."But then again, that’s also part of the appeal – the thrill of a possible and quick – window on to the illicit, the sexual, the creepy and gross lives of anonymous strangers." Chatroulette founder Ternovskiy, who lives with his parents in Moscow, Russia, acknowledged his site has been used in inappropriate ways.In an email to the New York Times, he wrote "Although some people are using the site in not very nice ways – I am really against it." Unenforceable?

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