Dating a commitment phobe

Studies show that people who suffer from commitment phobia are deeply influenced by their childhood experiences that have seared their subconscious minds and given birth to such unrealistic fears. However, there are some men who will only take up that responsibility for a woman who they feel deserves that respect. You think you’re heading somewhere, but you aren’t.

That also kinda explains why a man or woman moved on from someone they really loved, and refused to marry, only to go to marry one or two or three lovers after. Got a man I love, and who I knows cares deeply for me.If you decide to accept whatever crumbs someone hands you, be prepared to be disappointed.Don’t play the casual game with someone you have deep feelings for either. If a man’s history tells you he’s not the committing kind, he’s emotionally unavailable, and shows that he doesn’t truly consider your needs, most likely he’s not worth the emotional investment. You can’t or shouldn’t force a man to be in a serious relationship or to marry you. Your chances of a great relationship are better, when the other person voluntarily wants to be with you.Maybe it’s because they just went with who was there when they were in the mood to be committed? However, he has his issues about commitment, and is going through his own process because he wants to be sure that he’s absolutely ready to give a relationship with me a proper try.Instead of focusing on how the other person feels, and trying to change his (her) attitude to commitment, you need to focus on how you feel and change your approach. I appreciate the fact that he wants to be sure he’s ready to commit, and I’m leaving him to his process. Nagging a man is the best way to get the opposite of what you want.

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