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The SRO has a responsibility to preserve and make accessible this documentary heritage in all its forms to support various types of research, and to reveal the actions of the past that have impacted on Western Australia’s Aboriginal communities, families and individuals.

In doing so the SRO also acknowledges that accessing some of this material can be confronting for Indigenous clients.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful holiday park in South Fremantle and making your next BIG4 experience a great one!

Discovery Parks BIG4 – Woodman Point and the surrounding regional park are steeped with an amazing history dating back to the war with bunkers within the park.

The Colonial Secretary became the Chief Secretary in 1923.

The following are twentieth century examples of CSO files relating to Aboriginal matters: In 1886 the administration of Aboriginal affairs was removed from the Colonial Secretary and entrusted to the Aboriginal Protection Board, which consisted of five members and a secretary, all of whom were nominated by the Governor.

The SRO supports the aims of the ATSILIRN Protocols for Libraries, Archives and Information Services: is happy for feedback to assist us in their better implementation. Between 18 Aboriginal affairs in Western Australia were the administrative responsibility of the Colonial Secretary, who operated in accordance with policy dictated by the Home Office (UK).

Lush trees cover the park making for a relaxing and peaceful setting.

A path leads to cockburn sounds beach with great fishing available from the jetty.

We are looking for an estimate of the size of your Caravan, Motorhome, Camper Trailer, Tent etc. Widths are generally around 4 – 5 metres (13.12 – 16.4 feet). Please be advised that Site sizes vary from park to park and within each park.

once it has been set up or fully extended (outside to outside)... Sites will be allocated based on the measurements provided during the booking process and it is the responsibility of the guest to ensure estimates are as close to accurate as possible.

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