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I am a client at Discovery Health and have been for a some time.

Without doubt, Discovery Health has been providing with good service and very happy with them generally.

I took the med they sent me and it had bad side effects, I stopped. I will be laying a formal complaint with the medical...

I am 62, high cholesterol, and no medication thanks to inefficient Bonitas Crum Pharmacy Direct. A month ago i asked my medical aid Siswe for my medical tax certificates and when i got it all my personal details was wrong!

I want to know why the medical aid did not paid the acc. Good day, First off all they steal your money out of you bank account when you cancel the policy, they ignore emails then someone answers and lie and cheat, they took money out of my account without signing up etc, upon telling them to cancel it, they say they will refund and put in writing when etc, and then nothing happens, when you phone them each one in the call center has a different answer, they all a bunch of bullshitters, it is the worst service I have ever experienced in my 43yrs,...I have resent the prescription to [email protected] and she has promise to mark it as URGENT as indicated in my several e-mails sent to the chronic department.I've received a prescription in 18 August 2017 which was just not recognized by OCSA Care or Clicks Direct. Dear Bonnitas you are very quick to deduct my contribution every month but when it comes to claiming for a pair of glasses I still have to pay in.only that I can only claim glasses every 2 years and I have special lenses which they call surface lenses you pay R170 per lense and if I need a non scratch and a tint I have to pay out of my pocket and the frames are the cheapest on the market not even name brand like Diesel, Police or Carrera frames. I have been trying to add an email address for a week now so that we can access the online function.Ref no 131017QFFHMV and 161017QFH7YP remain unattended to and/or ignored!!! As stated many times before no words can describe how bad your service is and how bad my feeling towards your company is.This is really pathetic service from Bonitas Bonitas... It is not a case like Adele would say "I wish nothing but the best for you..." on the contrary. I have honestly not had 1 pleasant experience with you.

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