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In 1984, Mel was driving under the influence in Toronto, and rear-ended a car.After being stripped of the right to drive in the province of Ontario, an embarrassed Gibson went to Australia to work on his drinking issues, but they persisted.Joy Behar didn’t agree, saying, “A lot of people drink and don’t say those things.” Mel Gibson bounced back from all his relationship drama with a new girlfriend, Rosalind Ross.She is a huge name in the Equestrian Vaulting world, which is a little-known sport where people essentially pull off incredible feats of gymnastics while also riding a horse.Civil rights activists and the general public was outraged at the recordings of Gibson that included threats of violence towards Oksana as well as many racist epithets.William Morris Endeavor, his agency, dropped him the same day the recordings surfaced. Jodi Foster said, “he’s certainly not sexist and certainly not racist,” he’s just, “somebody who’s really emotional.” Whoopi Goldberg said he was a “bonehead,” but not racist.

When Mel let During the time of his expensive, drawn-out first divorce, Mel Gibson started dating Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian pianist. Before little Lucia turned one, however, they separated, amid claims of domestic violence.After the tapes surfaced, the court battle got very heated.Eventually, both sides got tired of it, and were considering to settle out of court.Oksana recorded Mel yelling at her, saying he would, “come and burn the …house down,” and that if she got assaulted it would be her fault.

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