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But with depression, you can’t just ‘snap out of it’ Female: Even if it takes all night, I’m going to make you smile. You will also look well lush, seriously, you’ll be fighting them off. It’s also antibacterial, fortified with vitamins and minerals and it will give you a lovely fresh breath. Male: People hope there’s something they can do to make it go away. Similarly, depression can affect your appetite, causing you to either lose or gain weight.

“I suffer particularly badly from gastrointestinal issues.“I think people very much misunderstand the link between physical and mental health," she goes on. I didn't even realise they could be connected when I was a teenager. Anxiety was the last thing I thought I was suffering from.But I was ignoring a lot of stress and was poor at acknowledging my own emotions.Outside of panic attacks, a bad flare up of anxiety gives me absolutely stunning headaches with blurred or double vision, which often makes it hard to work - especially at a computer screen,” she tells .And as the stigma of suffering from mental illness is talked about more widely, these comparatively nuanced aspects of understanding health are what need to be tackled next, say experts.

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