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She also addresses topics that are often overlooked, e.g., transgender and intergender identities, realistic teen relationship management skills, and pornography. is, literally, a lifesaving book: Corinna's vast commonsense wisdom--especially on topics relating to gender roles, queer sexuality, and gender identities--has the potential to improve the physical and emotional health of anyone who reads it, and to help heal our culture's unhealthy, conflicted approaches to sex, sexuality, and gender."- Lisa Jervis, cofounder, "Sexpert Heather Corinna is the big sis you wish you'd had when you were a confused, pimply teen. But it's her holistic approach and deft handling of other heavy topics, from eating disorders to abuse, that make this book a must-read." ""S. X." itself is revolutionary as a feminist, GLBT-friendly and overall progressive collection of sexual education material. sets out to empower young adults to make healthy, informed decisions about their sexuality and begins with a wonderful challenge: This challenge is at the heart of every chapter... The vulva for example is described with all its intricacies- thank goodness for that!An excellent resource for preteens, teens, young adults, and people working with these populations; highly recommended for most libraries." - Deborah Bigelow, "Not only would my own adolescence have been vastly less painful and confusing if I'd had access to the accurate, comprehensive, and above all nonjudgmental information that Heather Corinna so carefully provides, but S. It offers an alternative and uplifting view of sex... is an articulate, comprehensive, and just plain fun resource on all things sex. And tough subjects, like penis size and breast size are talked about in sensitive but straightforward ways that will definitely reassure young men and women.No matter how good a parent or school is as providing sex education, I guarantee they’re not as thorough as this book.Want to know how fisting really works (hint: it shouldn’t be like punching someone) and how to do it safely?We would personally like to thank all of the website template designers and developers for all of their hard work in creating these free website templates. is the popular, in-depth, progressive and inclusive teen and young adult sexuality and relationships guide by Scarleteen founder Heather Corinna (2007 & 2016, Da Capo Press/Perseus Books). It's written for readers of all gender identities and sexual orientations; for those who aren't sexually active and those who are.Many people define sex as simply being sexual intercourse, an end of sorts, she said, but she sees things differently... is receiving well-deserved rave reviews, many of them saying exactly what I felt when I looked at it—S. Some sections, such as the ones on how to do certain sexual acts might make a parent squeamish- but I believe the more discussion between parent and child about everything in this book- the better!

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There's nothing silly or embarrassing in this book -- just straight questions and straight answers.Although the book promotes healthy sexuality, it neither encourages nor discourages teens from engaging in sexual activity. Covering topics ranging from sexuality to relationships to safer sex (and every step in between), Corinna deftly presents each issue with a refreshingly straightforward, accurate, and honest approach.... Another wonderful section gives a " sexual readiness checklist" - providing a really great tool for thinking through the meaning and consequences for one's actions.In fact, Corinna prides herself on the open and inclusive nature of the volume. is the kind of book you wish you’d had when you were growing up.)" - Anna Kemp, , is here to save the day! All and all, a really useful, smart, user friendly sexual education- great for young people to read on their own-- even better for a parent and child to read together.Beginning with a thorough anatomy lesson that includes boy and girl parts by both their scientific and slang terms, the book goes on to conquer topics including body image, relationships, STDs, sexual abuse and harassment, and pregnancy and family planning.For teens of any gender or orientation (there’s a great chapter devoted to that, too), this book is the all-knowing, non-judgmental older sibling everyone wished they had.

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