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It has been a month or so and I may leave a few things out but this is how my summer has been so far.

So yesterday was Andy's memorial service which Pamela put together. She hired the new handsome young priest, a former farmer from Boetia who was smart enough to realize it would be better to be a priest in a small island village than depend on EU farm subsidies for the next few years.: This is the weekend of Agios Pnevmatos, the name day of the Holy Spirit, a three day weekend that is to Greece as memorial day is to the USA.

He is stuck on the spear but still fighting to get himself off.

Michali Orphanidis, my spearfishing guru had told me that when I get in this situation I need to turn the octopus's head inside-out.

It is probably everyone's first swim of the summer.

The girls in their bikinis are completely white.: After 8 days in Athens I am on the island of Kea sitting at Rolando's Restaurant at one in the afternoon while Andrea and a cleaning woman madly rid the house of all the dust and dead insects that flew in last summer and were sealed in when we left for the winter.: SYRIZA which was used to getting about 7% of the vote and never had to have a plan for running the country because it never expected to be in a position where it would have to run the country, now has to come up with a plan. It may be the front lines of an historical change that is sweeping the world as a corrupt capitalist system falls, to be replaced by who knows what?

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Molyvos: Another Hot Day in Paradise: "Another hot day in Paradise" said the British guy setting up chairs at the Olive Press Hotel pool bar. I had planned to wander around taking photos of Molyvos all morning and then going back to our luxurious free rental villa to organize and edit them in air-conditioned comfort.I just stumbled upon it again in the labyrinth of my website and re-read it and decided it needs a larger audience.: As my Gambian neighbor was leaving my apartment with his water and the peach Andrea had bought for our breakfast, he turned around and said "God Bless You." And no matter what you believe, God has blessed me and probably you too because any of us could have been born Gambians or Nigerians or Bangladeshi and be in this situation, in a far away land, with no money, no food, and forced to ask for water from your neighbors, with no way of returning home and no prospects for a better life. Maybe in a few years we will be in this situation.: This is Greek medical week.Not officially of course, otherwise it would have been capitalized and probably such a week does not exist. It began with my brother having to get an emergency hernia operation from the moment he stepped off the ferry in Mytilini.But they don't tell the story of Athens.: The best thing about the financial crisis in Europe and the political crisis in Greece is that there are so many knowledgeable writers out there who know what is going on that I don't even have to pretend I am an expert.I can just refer people to articles that tell the story. However, for the first time, circumstances are on our side. How could there be so much rain in so much of Greece and how could it have snuck up on me so quickly when I look at the weather forecast every day?

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