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Another important issue is the circumstances under which contribution claims asserted by parties co-liable with the debtor will be allowed or disallowed in the bankruptcy case.Bankruptcy Local Rule 3007-1(c) governs this notice of requirement of response.If you are unhappy with the way Flash Player is functioning on your computer, please try switching to the HTML-5 site version by pressing on the "rocker".391919Case 12-51650-mgd Doc 291 Filed 10/09/12 Entered 10/09/12 Desc Main Document Page 2 of 11 (1) File with the Court a written response explaining your positions and views as to why the Objection should not be granted.The written response must be filed at the following address: Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court 75 Spring Street SW, Room 1340 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 If you mail your response to the Clerk for filing, you must mail it early enough so that the Clerk will actually receive it on or before the date stated above; and (2) Mail or deliver a copy of your written response to the Debtor’s counsel at the address stated below.2 391919Case 12-51650-mgd Doc 291 Filed 10/09/12 Entered 10/09/12 Desc Main Document Page 5 of 11 7.FUEL BARONS, INC., d/b/a OZOFIRE AND d/b/a SUREFIRE, Debtor.The 2011 Policy Motion was approved by an Order entered August 14, 2012.

FUEL BARONS, INC., d/b/a OZOFIRE AND d/b/a SUREFIRE, ) ) ) ) ) ) ____________________________________) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ____________________________________) ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS, INC.d/b/a Ozofire, d/b/a Surefire, debtor and debtor-in- possession in the above-captioned bankruptcy case (“Debtor”), and files “Debtor’s Objection to Allowance of Proof of Claim Number 161 Filed by Essential Ingredients, Inc.” (the “Objection”), respectfully showing as follows: I.This Court has jurisdiction to consider this Objection pursuant to 28 U.On June 17, 2013, EPA Region 6 and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality issued a record of decision for Operable Unit 2.This decision selected the remedy for the remaining contaminated soil, sediment, and light non-aqueous phase liquid on the north side of the site. When the necessary studies are completed, EPA and ODEQ will select a remedy for site ground water in a third and final record of decision.

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