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I met a lot of interesting people and it was successful in terms of responses after the night.But I had my sights set on a particular guy I met there.In this unusual situation, it is unavoidable that 2 guys will need to sit out for their first 2 dates whilst waiting for the group to move around.

Although i didnt meet any guys i really fancied the first time around, the host explained that i could go to another one for free, so im going to Fridays speed dating this week!I went to their Friday night City event on the recommendation of my work colleague who'd met his girlfriend there.Initially I was pretty nervous but after some good old Dutch courage I was ready to meet the 20 assembled ladies.The host explained how the event works which made me feel at ease. Hi Vitaly, We are sorry that you felt the need to give us this 1-star review.Having spoken to the host of this event I must now convey our side of the story.

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    Men who focus overly on that attribute are just as hopeless as women who focus overly on a man's salary. Maybe it's their ego (or illusion of ego that is created to impress those around them) but either way, I still fail to understand how shallow some people are when they are not top-shelf product themselves.

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    Meeting people on the Internet, especially through online dating, is touted as an antidote to loneliness.

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