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His mouth was dry and he was a serpent-like kisser, lashing with his tongue. Ryan’s boyfriend at the time, James Harris, lived near Wenner’s townhouse, and Ryan went right over.

Harris confirmed to Buzz Feed News that Ryan told him Wenner had made a pass and offered a contract in exchange for sex.

In Las Vegas, getting naked seems to only buy reduced rent.

One landlord asks for sex plus 0 per month in exchange for a room plus Netflix and parking - and wants 'first and last month's rent at time of move-in'.

Three other people said Ryan told them the same thing — including a childhood friend whom he told at around the time of the incident, and two other longtime friends, one in Seattle and one in New York, whom he told in subsequent years.

“All of a sudden I was the bad guy and I felt like I was in the hot seat and being grilled.”He got up to leave.On the West coast, the sex-for-rent swap even has a catch phrase: 'It’s called an LA arrangement.You’re hiring a wife temporarily,' one 52-year-old film director told NBC.He was in the foyer, he said, when Wenner made him an offer: Stay, and I’ll give you a writing contract.“I think there was that moment where it’s like time stood still, and you’re imagining how this could be the answer to all my struggles. Last night Jann Wenner asked me to come to his townhouse for a drink at p.m.All I would have to do is this one thing,” Ryan said. I knew this would happen sooner or later, I just didn’t think he’d take such a direct approach.

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