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As in previous generations, Nintendo provided strong support for its new console with popular first-party franchises like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokémon, among others.

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I am very surprised about the reality about Wii, because before I was making this game, I wasn't expecting that Wii would be a console targeted only for non-gamers. The reality is different to what I expected." Goichi Suda later retracted his comment, saying his "point was that No More Heroes, unlike a lot of Nintendo Wii titles currently available is the kind of product that will attract a different kind of consumer to the hardware, i.e.

Joining Nintendo in the motion market, Sony Computer Entertainment released the Play Station Move in September 2010.

The Play Station Move features motion sensing gaming, similar to that of the Wii.

Post-launch sales were poor, and the device was a commercial failure.

The business was wound down due to financial problems and sold to Razer Inc.. Additionally, microconsoles like Nvidia Shield Console, MOJO, Razer Switchblade, Game Pop, Game Stick, Ouya, and even more powerful PC-based Steam Machine consoles are attempting to compete in the game console market; but even though some of these are theoretically powerful on paper, they are however seldom referred to as "seventh generation" consoles.

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