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You may start bemoaning your decision to wait until marriage for sex, and resent it for robbing you of sexual variety. And for that reason you don’t notice them when they present themselves [Source: Scientific journals on Inattentiveness to Alternatives]. According to several studies, do you know what happens when happily-married people encounter attractive alternative partners?

But if your marriage is satisfying, two concepts come into play: Inattentiveness to Alternatives and Derogation of Alternatives. Your happily-married brain is blind to potential alternatives. They start picking the alternative partner apart and focusing on their flaws And the more threatening the stranger is to your happy marriage, the more viciously you pick them apart [Source: Scientific journals on Derogation of Alternatives] Kurt Russel once famously said, when asked how he had remained committed to Goldie Hawn while being a sex symbol, “I’ve met a lot of other women, but none of them are Goldie Hawn.” In my experience, that’s a common sentiment among people who are happy with their partners.

” Or maybe they’ll try to guilt you: “I’ve had sex. ” Whatever the argument, most all of them are pretty hollow .

These people (who argue against waiting by arguing against religion) assume that you are waiting for purely religious reasons.

Do you remember the first bicycle you had when you were a kid?

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They will say things like “Did you know that the word ‘virgin’ had a different meaning when the bible was written and it doesn’t actually mean that somebody hasn’t had sex before?You’ll think about other people wonder what sex would be like with them.” Do me a favor: Next time you hear this objection, consider the source.You will rarely hear a married friend make this argument to you.You would do wheelies, hit the breaks and skid sideways to a stop, jump off ramps — all kinds of stuff.That first bike probably got more attention, focused learning, and experimentation out of you than any other bike thereafter. I’ve never given much weight to this objection, but I’ve heard it more than once.

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