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The film was panned by mainstream critics, particularly for what they saw as its weak script and gratuitous violence.

However, many horror genre critics were more positive, viewing the film as unpretentiously entertaining.

Hansel grabs onto a fleeing witch by her broomstick, but falls and is lost in the forest.

The next morning, Mina finds Hansel hanging from a tree.

The witch forces Hansel to continuously eat candy to fatten him up, and enslaves Gretel by ordering her to prepare the oven.

The siblings outsmart her and incinerate her in the fire of the oven.

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Gretel searches for Hansel in the forest, but is attacked by Sheriff Berringer and his posse.

The men capture and beat Gretel before being stopped by Edward who kills the sheriff and his men.

Edward tends Gretel's wounds and tells her that he helped her because trolls serve witches.

Muriel kills Jackson and launches Gretel out a window, rendering her unconscious.

Gretel is rescued by Ben, a local teenager who is a fan of theirs and plans to be a witch hunter himself.

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