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Well regarded in many circles in the on-line dating industry, among executives and affiliates alike, Gonzalez will be instrumental in continuing company growth and expansion, as well as spearheading campaigns designed to increase profitability of partner deals and overall market share for the company.Through her unique combination of branding knowledge and experience, and a multitude of strategic relationships she’s cultivated over the years, Gonzalez will be fully focused on increasing current white label dating partners' performance, strategic partnerships and international dating growth.When asked, Gonzalez says that she is always learning and is a firm believer in self-improvement, especially in a business climate where knowledge of trends and technology is essential.She is also a firm believer in creating and cultivating solid life-long relationships with business partners.Dating Factory operates in 22 languages and supports 58 niche markets and is the recipient of numerous top local and international dating industry awards and nominations, both for themselves as well as several of their partners.For more information, and to inquire about being a Dating Factory partner, please visit Once you define your brand, you can begin to think about the vitally important details of actually starting and running a business. We discussed these options previously in our article 15 Tips for Turning Your Craft Hobby Into a Successful Business: A sole proprietorship is the “most basic type of business to establish” according to the SBA (Small Business Administration).From choosing a business structure to pricing, licensing and permits to business plan… First, you will need to choose the legal structure for your new business. You are the sole owner of the business; and, as such, are solely responsible for the assets and liabilities accrued by the business.

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This gives me more time to focus on managing massive company growth in this world of Internet dating.” Gonzalez commented saying, “Tanya and I have sat together on so many dating panels over the years, often with her covering white label and private label dating site creation and myself covering branding and affiliate marketing.

Shira Sue Carmi, the founder of Launch Collective, reminds us that the business of launching a clothing brand is as important as the artistry: The importance of your brand identity cannot be understated – especially in the world of fashion.

Clothing is very personal because our clothing choices are one of the ways that we define our identity – to both ourselves and to the world.

“I’m passionate and driven in everything I do which I think shows in the results I achieve and hopefully in the people I work with,” she adds.

About Dating Established in 2009, Dating Factory is a leading international white label platform for on-line dating with over 30,000 partners worldwide.

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